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…. I’ve become P. Diddy’s nemesis. Check out the comments on my post innocently hawking my son’s Vote or Die t-shirts, which he’s been selling at for the past several years — along with Vote or Die hats, sweat shirts, mugs and….thongs!
Somewhere out there young potential voters are saying some very unkind things about the well-meaning Crone. Ah well. Such is always a possibility when one sticks one’s neck out into cyberspace. But, really, kids, I have nothing against P. Diddy and think his effort to rally young people to vote, using the resources his fame and fortune provide, is commendable.
Now, if you leave a comment here, will you please try to leave the dumbed-down grammar behind??? You can do better than that!

3 thoughts on “Somewhere out there…..

  1. dear lady, i fear you have lost touch with the sorry state of our public institutions of learning due to the anti-education policies of the “tax the poor” right for the past, oh, 24 years or so.
    things were already bad in my home state of california before prop. 13, the jarvis-gann “tax revolt” the end result of which was the closure and consolidation of not only many public schools but also of public libraries, etc. meanwhile we had to try to learn from textbooks that were frequently 20 to 30 years old.
    and that was the 1980’s. now think about how much worse things are, and extrapolate.
    not even our beloved president knows how to speak the english language – he, the yale graduate. is it no surprise our children cannot either?
    tongue firmly planted in cheek, i am doubtless that you are already well versed in these sad facts. just think of me as commiserating.

  2. Well, I listen to Barack Obama and he seems like such a better role model than P. Diddy. It’s not just the educational system, which did, after all, turn out Obama. It’s our dumbed-down culture, controlled by the entertainment business (which caters to the lowest common demoninator) and the “see the world through a two-inch pipe” religious conservatives (who want so badly to believe anyone who says he speaks to god). So many sheep-in-human clothing who think it’s cool to make dumb sounds.
    Yes, we need to do a lot of fixing of our educational system. But that’s not going to change dumb and dumber attitudes toward communicating with intelligence and craft. And toward voting armed with researched facts and a clear understanding of the issues rather than voting because some famous entertainer says so.

  3. And now Oprah is doing a show on celebs getting out the Vote message, and there’s Diddy w/ his stolen slogan t-shirt…!!! Feh. I sent the Oprah team a message to do some research into the true origins of the slogan and give credit where credit is due.
    Be nice if others did the same.

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