“the most important election of his lifetime”

Wherein he returns to the commentary scene of the most important election of his lifetime.
Who he? He’s The One True b!X, who has set up a “One True b!X’s War Prayer” weblog because, years ago, he was moved and inspired by Mark Twain’s “War Prayer” and set up a site to publish a readable version of that document. And now, he says:
…as we enter the final two months of what is the most important election of my lifetime (in addition to entering the week of the Republican National Convention), it’s time to take some of the energy I spend screaming at the television, ranting on the telephone, or posting comments on other people’s sites and just say whatever I have to say right here.
He takes on the skewed local reporting of the anti-Bush demonstrations in NYC here.
There is sure to be more good ranting to come.

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