Gone. That’s where the time went.
Working on grant proposals (current free-lance gig).
Reading Alice Hoffman’s Blackbird House. I want to write like that.
Also reading book of speeches by Howard Zinn: Artists in Times of War. sent to me by one of my sorority sisters. That reunion we had is paying off in all kinds of ways.
Had my annual physical today. In pretty good shape for an old broad — except for the 15 pounds or so I wish were gone, gone, gone.
Leaving for my daughter’s tomorrow to take them to get their first car. Will be listening to an audiotape of J.D. Robb’s Rapture in Death to keep me awake on the drive across just about the whole state of Massachusetts.
Coming back Friday to take care of mom. Driving out again on Monday to help my daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and their two cats move closer to the rest of us.
Somewhere in there I’ve got a few more proposals to churn out.
I’m supposed to be retired. Yeah, right.

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