Big Hand for Big Mama!

So, I’m still working on displaying my freeform crochet blob. I’m calling it Big Hand for Big Mama, since it kind of looks like a big hand. A big healing hand.
I added three (yes, it has to be three) protection amulets that I had lying around: one of a pair of hanging disk earrings with images of spirals and waves; an Asian charm that I bought when visiting b!X years and years ago in Portland; and a Norse Bind Rune-protection charm.
I don’t like the way it hangs from a point (although it does sort of look like a witch’s hat). I have to figure out another way. Maybe shorten the beaded wire from which it hangs and suspend it from two or three hooks. Process. That’s the fun of it. Although I hung it on the door to my apartment, just because it’s so totally different from the wreaths, craft-decorated straw hats, and other such stuff that the elderly women in this building seem to like to decorate their front doors. So, it’s also fun reinforcing my status here as a bit of the odd ball.

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  1. yarn improvisations

    When I moved into my brother’s house, I got rid of a lot of my big old shabby furniture and bought a few shelf-based pieces that I could use for a variety of purposes and that are easy to move…..

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