A question about TIPS

The Boston Herald is reporting that Kerry and Edwards are supporting neighborhood watches for terrorists.
Well, somewhere between leaving everything to government and resorting to vigilantism, it seems to me, can be an intelligent approach to keeping an eye on our kids and our neighborhoods. We watch out for child molesters, con artists, pickpockets, and burglars — anyone who behaves in such a way as to make us think they might do harm to someone. So why not keep an eye out for anyone acting suspiciously doing stuff that terrorists might do? Now, there’s the rub. What exactly might a terrorist in our neighborhood do to cause us to become suspicious? I mean, a child molester might be noticed constantly hanging around a playground. Con artists call up and try to get old people to invest their savings. We keep our money in places where pickpockets can’t get to it. And we lock our doors and windows and put in alarms to deter burglars and keep an eye out for anyojne looking as though they’re trying to jimmy our neighbor’s window. But what is it we’re supposed to watch out for in terms of terrorists in our neighborhoods? That’s not a rhetorical question.

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  1. Kids, mothers, fathers, nannies all hang around playgrounds. Guess we’d have to put a stop to that cuz we always say afterwards (but he was such a nice guy, I never would have thought that of him)(cuz child molester is, of course, nuspeak for any unaccompanied MALE who might look at, smile at, or speak to a child) (unless you’re a teacher named LeTourneau). I think the argument doesn’t really hold water cuz everything cited actually doesn’t work well. We still have successful thieves, con artists, etc.

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