The Terror of the Bush Twins

I’m passing this along from non-blogger myrln, who always gets it right.
Okay, when there’s a terror threat in Saudi Arabia, or Israel, or elsewhere in the world, what does the US do? It tells Americans to leave. When Cheney goes to Washington, he goes to his “undisclosed” location.
Jump cut to NYC. Monday. Financial buildings under high security because of increased terror level/alert. Trucks, cars stopped. Williamsburgh Bridge closed. Other bridges backed up for hours. Barriers at Wall Street and Citicorp. Then who shows up at the Citicorp building for lunch? Why it’s Laura Bush and the Bush twins! It’s true, they did.
Yeah, terror alert. Right. Don’t you believe for a sec anybody was using the alert system to politick. They wouldn’t do that. Uh-uh.
And yesterday, a United Airlines plane from Boston to Washington had to divert to Albany. Why? To pick up the Bush twins who’d been partying upstate. Word is the 120 passengers were pissed at the diversion. But who cares? Hmmm…120 terrorists on one plane?

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