The Benefits of “Branding”

The article by Karen Trimbath of Women E-News for which I was interviewed a while ago is now out there, complete with a photo of me. It’s a good photo. Of course. It’s two years old and now my hair is a little longer and my face is a little fuller. I gave her a couple of photos to choose from and she chose that one. Fine by me.
I think the things that Blog Sisters Jeneane and Shelley say in the article are a lot more astute than what I say. But that’s OK. We provide a good cross-section of approaches to how intelligent women approach blogging. (Yes, of course I consider myself intelligentj!)
Those involved in e-commerce and marketing write a lot about “branding.” I consciously “branded” myself online as the Crone. And I guess it’s paying off. After all, while my blogging is a self-satisfying activity, like most other bloggers, I also hope I have readers.

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  1. Hello–I am Karen Trimbath. I was going to check your blog to get your e-mail address and saw you had already seen the article. Thanks for linking to it. Best wishes!

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