Attack of the Killer Tomato Worms

horn worm.jpg
The tomato horn worms are attacking my garden. I thought they were just cute little catepillars when I noticed one and removed it from my garden a couple of weeks ago. And I forgot about it. Now, lots of the stalks are eaten dead.
My neighbors tell me I have to pick them off and squish them dead. EEeeeuuu! I’m heading over to a garden center tomorrow to see what kind of spray I can use.

103 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer Tomato Worms

  1. Hello

    Love your web page and just had to let you know

    I logged on to find out where tomato worms come from – still don’t know but I had fun seeing where you have been and what you are doing

    Have fun and thanks for the smile

  2. this is informative about the tomato worms.i have tomatos&chickens,so maybe thats a good match.p.s.i vote for choice also,that is the choice to exercise wisdom before a life is created.

  3. I only have 4 tomato plants and at the speed that worm was moving if it had had spots on it or wasp eggs and I left it on the tomato plants (unless they killed it in a matter of minute to an hour) the worm would have wiped out my whole 4 plants over night. How long does it take for the white wasp eggs to hatch?

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