No Kidding

All of us who are parents want our kids to figure out what they’re good at and then go and do it well. Sometimes they wind up becoming even better at doing what their parents are pretty good at themselves. Such is the case in this family.
I’ve blogged about b!X’s citizen journalism before. Many times.
And now my daughter has a lovely short story published in the latest issue of the online magazine, DreamVirus.
I was a reasonably good mother. She’s an amazing one. And now she’s publishing fiction. I just blog.
Their Dad also has been acknowledged as a playwight. I failed to point this out last month when the audio performance of his The Killings Tale beat out Garrison Keeler in the 2004 Audie Awards category of “Audiobook Adapted from Another Medium.”
I can’t wait to see what creative path my (now) toddler grandson winds up taking. His dad is an illustrator. I mean, what are the chances of this kid winding up a CPA???
I’ll see the little guy for his second birthday this Sunday. The car’s already packed to the rafters with new clothes (including a t-shirt I made for him with his face in the cockpit of a cartoon rocket heading into outer space), a kid-sized pillow covered with a moon and planets fabric, a toy rocket, a kid’s toy kitchen (hey, he likes to pretend he’s making mac & cheese), and, of course Grammy’s Magic Gypsy Blanket (along with a little booklet that tells the story of how Grammy came to make it).
So, now there are two generations pushing out into the world ahead of me. . But I’m still hanging in there. Pant. Pant. Wheeze

2 thoughts on “No Kidding

  1. i think that the best judge of motherhood is what sort of parents your kids turn out to be. you are an awesome grammy! have a safe trip 🙂

  2. And I think you left someone creative out: yourself. You demonstrated many open roads to both kids: writing, teaching, crafting, and maybe above all, defining yourself and redefining yourself if necessary until the you that you wanted was in place. No small creative achievements.

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