It’s not a puzzlement.

An interview here with Jay Rosen, chair of the New York University Department of Journalism and author of the Pressthink weblog, links to b!X’s blog in this statement:
….blogging doesn’t have to be journalism to be good. Sometimes it is journalism, of a kind, which often depends on the daily output of the professional and commercial press, in the way that a second wave depends on the first. Sometimes it’s just good information about a place– and that’s journalism.
b!X’s experiment in “citizen journalism” is a success in every way but financially. One of his Portland “participatory journalist” blogger colleagues had to quit, at least for a while, because the rest of his life wasn’t getting enough attention. b!X’s life is pretty much his weblog and all the work that goes along with being a full-time citizen journalist. But that doesn’t put food on the table and pay the rent. I’ve got my fingers crossed that some organization or individual in Oregon will recognize the value of what he’s doing (both in substance and as a civic experiment) and pay him to do it. Hope springs, all seasons.
UPDATE: b!X also got linked:
(“Sneak and peak” warrants have come under scrutiny following recent cases where US citizens were wrongly charged by the FBI with terrorist offenses.)
from an article in the Christian Science Monitor on the Patriot Act.
OK. Now isn’t there some way for him to get paid for providing such “good information?”

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