So now they’re trying to find ways and reasons to scare us into accepting that it might be necessary to postpone the presidential election. Add to that the fact that computerized voting can result in an even greater debacle than we saw in the Florida chad disaster last time, and it might well be time for some major intervention.
And my eloquent blogger pal Frank Paynter has posted an open letter to the United Nations that begins:
I am a citizen of the United States of America and I grieve for democracy in my country. Since the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the appointment of George W. Bush to the Chief Executive’s Office in January, 2001 I have considered requesting United Nations supervision of elections in my country until such time as democracy may be restored. The time has come for me to put thoughts into action and write to you for your guidance and support in helping the people of the United States to extricate themselves from a complex situation involving compromised leadership.
If you think Frank is making a valid point, go on over, read the whole letter, and leave a comment. You might even want to ask to be a co-signer. Outrageous acts require outraged reactions.
I’m in.

3 thoughts on “SOS UN SOS

  1. Of course, a group of Democratic congresspeople asked the UN for the same thing… and were told that a government has to request such a thing, not just “the legislative branch.”

  2. The response would be the same as a large number of people requesting same of its current government: ZERO. To ideologues, people are much like ants at a picnic…an annoyance.

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