Change is the only constant.

Even here on Kalilily Time, things are changing. Slowly, though, as I wait for b!X to find out why he’s been erased as administrator of this weblog and reverse whatever happened so that he can make the template changes that I want.
Meanwhile, over at the sidebar there’s a whole new section of links to poets who have weblogs and post their poetry therein. I’ve just started searching for these kinds of links and I’ll add them as I find ones that I like. Thanks to Greg Perry for getting me going in this direction.
Also, thanks to Ramona Moormann, a non-blogging reader who’s in my age and interest range. She’s having some trouble getting onto my weblog and emailed me about that and about the fact that she does stop in and visit here. She’s the editor/publisher of a small family-run newspaper in southwestern Michigan and is a political and environmental activist. She’s a truly interesting woman, and I’m glad she found and contacted me.
On the other hand, I’ve seem to have lost a blogpoet to whom I was going to link in my new sidebard section. Ray Sweatman seems to have “gone fishing — indefinitely.”
Meanwhile, I’ve got to stop procrastinating and take another stab at the Vermeer painting poem so that I have something to take with me to the last poetry workshop session this Thursday. It’s going to be a long night.

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