I don’t give a should.

I should be getting ready to go to the poetry workshop at the Writers Institute.
I should be outside taking a walk in this great weather.
I should be making dinner and packing to go to see my toddler grandson.
Instead, I just watched The Banger Sisters and loved every minute of it.
Instead I polished my toenails because it’s warm enough to wear sandals and I’ve still got great toes.
Instead I left a comment on Tom Shugart’s weblog about a subject that apparently started at Yule Heibel’s weblog and about which I care a great deal.
Instead I post this.
But I promise that when I get back from Boston, I will have my poetry assignment done. And after I get back, I’ll make sure I get Greg Perry into my weblog, along with some other weblogcleaning I need to do.
OK. Now I really do have to make dinner for my mom. And pack. Maybe shave my legs.
Tally Ho!

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