Sweeter than wine..

How sweet it is when a stranger finds your weblog and then emails you a compliment. Such was the case today when Greg Perry, who has a cleverly wine-designed weblog, told me that he’s been following my struggles to write poetry-on-assignment. He offered to link to me and asked me to link to him. Well, that’s a no-brainer! I’m also going to co-opt some of his poetry links and add them to my blogroll. (Except not tonight. I’m pooped.)
This connection from Greg has come at a perfect time for Kalilily Time, as I struggle with the fact that the blogcrowd around whose edges I’ve been running since I first began has gone off and left me behind. Or rather I’ve gone off in another direction. As a matter of fact, I’ve felt a little lost lately.
I’m not interested in the ins and outs of this technology. I’m a writer. I want to write about two things — caregiving and poetry. Well, sometimes about my grandson, too. And politics. Certainly politics. Politics and poetry. And loss.
As my mother loses herself in Yonkers, she finds this 1959 photo of me motor-boating up the Hudson River during the one summer I did go home between college semesters. Ah, was I ever that young? That slim? Yes. That “me” is long lost.
I never imagined, back then, when the Hudson River just outside New York City was clean enough to water ski in and life was just one big sunny-day boat ride, that I would wind up here.
So, I take a cue from Greg Perry’s post about the meme that’s going around and
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
And this is what I find in John Horgan’s Rational Mysticism:
“But the infinite can exclude nothing.”

4 thoughts on “Sweeter than wine..

  1. I have yet to read of your struggles with poetry, though you sent me an e-mail with easy to follow links and the subject is of more than great interest to me. That email is saved, though, and I hope to find myself catching up soon.
    In the mean time, please do keep writing about the things that have kept me coming back here for the last two years (!). You know, Poetry, caregiving, politics,loss, The Crone.

  2. Thank you for the link and kind words. One of the things I appreciate about your posts is their honesty, but more than that, their empathy. It’s always ensuring to see “real” people writing poetry. Not that the professionals out there with the degrees and teaching positions arent real, but… I love your meme sentence. I guess, in your case, you could also substitue poetry for infinite.

  3. In that photo you look a bit like Stockard Channing! It must be the messy, Grease-esque hair. 😉
    For what it’s worth, you’re still one of my favorite bloggers, and I read your blog more often than any of the other folks who welcomed me into the blogosphere last August. I’ve abandoned public blogging for the moment and I’m not sure if I’ll come back, but I’m still readin’. If you’ve moved in a different direction, it’s one I like.

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