Some things are worth causing a stir about.

My local paper has the story on the hard copy front page, but I can’t find any link to it on their online version.
So, here’s congratulations to my friends Elissa Kane and Lynne Lekakis who were married by a Unitarian minister in a controversial same-sex marriage ceremony here in Albany yesterday. There’s a great photo of Elissa (with Lynne and their 9 year old daughter) holding up her arm in the power salute. I worked alongside Elissa for more than a decade and remember when her daughter was born. We got along well and got a lot accomplished because we both liked to stir things up, but we knew how to do it with political and personal style and tact. And Lynne is one of the best West Coast Swing leaders I’ve ever danced with. You go, girls!!
The online newspaper does link to Ellen Goodman’s column today, which is about all the fuss that Michael Newdow is stirring up in the Supreme Court about separating out that “under God” inserted for “Cold War” propaganda purposes and mucking up our American commitment to the separation of church and state. She ends with:
What a pain this Michael Newdow is. Who needs this in the middle of an election? Why stir up the culture wars? Why make such a big deal of two little words? Aren’t there bigger fish to fry?
Here’s the problem. God save this honorable court (oops), Newdow is right.

Hee hee. Cackle cackle. Double double, toil and trouble….. Some pots you just gotta keep stirring.

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