Bottom-up Citizen Journalism

The One True Bix, whose experiment in citizen weblog journalism, Portland Communique, continues to garner regional accolades and support, has crossed the divide into the mainstream print media. His commentary — on the way that resolution of the same-sex marriage issue in Multnomah County is being derailed by both supporters and opponents getting mired in arguments over process — appeared today in the Portland Tribune.
With 1031 entries and 1420 reader comments since December 21, 2002. Portland Communique has succeeded in engaging both local politicians and ordinary citizens in weblogged discussions of important community concerns.
B!X also makes his Portland chronicling available in print form, enhanced by photos related to events that his reporting has covered.
While some look at citizen journalism in the context of established mainstream reporters using weblogging to bring their more personal perspectives to the news, b!X has proven the power of the voice of the ordinary citizen when exercised with craft, fairness, passion, and an abiding belief that, as his blog quotes from C.E.S. Wood: Good citizens are the riches of a city.
(And I’m not saying that just because he’s my son!)

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  1. It is encouraging to see a person making both a change for the good and being part of the group that helps define the importance and relevance of blogging as a participatory idea. Congtratulations to BiX!

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