Well, I fell for that one (see post below this one)

Damn. I almost always remember to check out www.snopes.com when I get emails that sound too good to be true. I dropped the ball on the Social Security Urban Legend that, as one of my weblog readers informed me via email, has been around since 2002. And I fell for it. Too eager to think the worst of our leaders. So much for Crone wisdom. Heh.

4 thoughts on “Well, I fell for that one (see post below this one)

  1. What I wonder is this: how come we only hear about urban legends? Does this mean there are no rural legends? No suburban legends? Seems discriminatory to me;-)

  2. Snopes rules! I’ve finally gotten to the point where my parents ask me to check it every time they’ve gotten a questionable e-mail. I think I do a better Snopes search than they do. 🙂

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