Why Not Make It Sew?

Did you ever notice that kids’ clothes are imprinted with all of these cute images — Elmo, trucks, cats…. But when the kid wearing the clothes looks at the images, they’re upside down. So, I decided to put some upside down trucks on some shirts that I bought for my grandson, since he likes trucks. Now he can enjoy looking at the trucks on his shirt, and everyone else can just enjoy looking at him.
Here’s one of the shirts with a truck that’s upside down to us but right side up to him.
upside down shirt.JPG
So, when you see stuff like that coming out in stores, you now know where they stole the idea. You saw it here first.
Addendum/correction: [see comments below] — The idea for a Baby’s Eye View design of children’s clothes was, indeed, my daughter’s. I just had the time, materials, and machinery to make it sew. I forgot to remember to include that very important fact. ;-(

7 thoughts on “Why Not Make It Sew?

  1. What a cool idea. Good for you. No doubt little one will love them…probably walk around looking at his shirt and bumping into everything, given his penchant for intense study!

  2. Nah…it’s a good idea, period. He’ll survive. If nothing else, he’ll learn that watching where he walks is pretty important.

  3. Hrm…gee…fails to mention that this whole thing was my idea to begin with. šŸ™‚ My whole: Baby’s Eye View line of clothing idea. Hrumpph — talk about stealing ideas…stealing from your own daughter… ;-P

  4. unnggh. Yup. She’s right. It was her idea. I think I remembered that. I think I remember that I remembered that. Yes, I do remember that. She’s right. It was her idea. Baby’s Eye View. Yup, I remember that. Maybe you’d better copyright the idea and the name, Melissa. I was so excited about actually doing it and having it come out so good that I forgot to mention that it was my daughter’s idea. Yes, I remember, now. I just forgot to mention it in all my excitement, you know?? It wasn’t my idea. I’m good at making things out of other people’s ideas. I just have to remember to give them credit. It was my daughter’s idea. Yes.

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