Sometimes, fate…

Sometimes fate forces you to go where you’ve been avoiding going. In my case, my son’s server, on which this blog resides, has been down for several weeks.
And this down time forced me to go back to life “BB” — Before Blogging. Lots of time for reading and relating and relaxing. Introspecting.
I don’t know yet if I’m back or not.
This is a place holder while I continue to figure out exactly what place, if any, I want to occupy here among the vast array of blogvoices vying for public validation.
What’s the point? Or more to the point, what’s MY point.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes, fate…

  1. At the risk of repeating myself yet again, pop over to Halley’s post on virtual intimacy at I’ve been grappling with much the same thing recently, but I think I’ve found some of the answer in commenting there. Ultimately, you are the point, Allan is the point, I am the point, and many others are the point. I’ve been quiet lately, Elaine, trying to muddle through some personal stuff, but although I haven’t been around much, I wouldn’t be here right now unless having you expressing that which you do meant a lot to me. Other people; people we know and care about are the point. Whether I’m as quiet as a church mouse or breaking down your blog doors doesn’t change the fact that you and several other people (mainly, but not all, listed on my blogroll) form an integral part of my online and everyday experience of life. I didn’t realize you guys meant that much to me; until I stopped blogging a while that is. I dunno… maybe you’ll find the same thing. Public validation or self-validation? I think it’s a relatively healthy dose of both obtained in a relatively easy and painless way. Friends are friends. They’re good to have around. You’re good to have around because I learn from you, can laugh with you and, occasionally, could get into a scrap or two with you. We’ve yet to try the last, but I’m game for anything; especially if it keeps you coming back :). The kick-back lifestyle? It’s good at any time and self-contained introspection is good for all of us. But (please) never say never. Not that you have, but please bear us in mind if and when you do think about it. I guess that’s it… real (and good) people are the point of it all.

  2. Golly…i don’t get by here as much as i should…but i certainly was upset when your blog refused to come up.
    Personally, i think we get to hung up on ‘points’–cause truly if we analyze it, there’s not much point to anything–except, of course, friendship–as Golby has so eloquently stated. It’s good to know we’re not alone in this magical morass of halflight and mystery, that flickers and goes all too soon. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  3. Elaine, it is soo good to see you again! I feared the worst when your blog disappeared. Not even a goodbye! And not a chance to say Merry Christmas (or applicable holidays).
    What Allan and Ryan said! In writing not only we get some external validation

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