Escaping Thanksgiving

I’ve watched eight movies in the past four days, including Matrix Revolutions (I actually went to the movies by myself on Thanksgiving eve) and Bowling for Columbine, which I rented. Watching those two movies within 24 hours of each other was enough to push me over the funk edge.
So I just kept watching movies. I had nothing better to do anyway. And, since I’m a good multi-tasker, I could watch TV and still work on some boa-scarves and other stuff that I’m going to sell at a craft fair in my building this weekend.
When I was kid (that’s before TV) I escaped via radio, fantasy books, and creating cool clothes on paper. And I spent most of my time escaping, since I was house-bound a lot with asthma and had to take care of myself.
It seems that I’m heading back to where I started, only now its TV and DVD, fantasy books, and creating cool clothes out of yarn. It’s a good thing that I’ve had some memorable adventures in between, because I’d be pretty pissed at finding myself pretty much back where I started. And back with my mother, to boot.
Actually, the truth is, I could get out and do things. But what exactly is it that I would do at my age? What new things can I take up? I started learning to tap dance but my herniated disc acted up and that was that. I have so little input that I can’t seem to generate the output that transforms itself into what was once pretty good poetry.
Most of my life right now is one big volunteer effort, so I sure don’t want to volunteer anywhere else. I’ve lost touch with what I like to do for fun. I haven’t made any new (other-than-blogger) friends in three years now. And that’s very unlike me.
I guess maybe I’m feeling the same as Tom Shugart, but for different reasons. (Actually, I can’t seem to get onto Tom’s site because of some kind of cookies that his haloscan comment function is trying to get my computer to accept and it won’t. I know that it has something to do with my security settings, but I don’t want to degrade them and I don’t have trouble with anyone else site. Anyone have any suggestions?)
So I read. A lot. Just started Pratchett’s Carpe Jugulum as I read through the Discworld series. I just finished Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress, which I spent most of Thanksgiving Day finishing.
Escape. Fantasy.
Tonight, there’s Alias and Criminal Intent (I dig Vincent D’Onofrio) — which I have to tape bacause it’s on at the same time as Alias, and The Practice (ditto James Spader).
Is that all there is left for me, I keep thinking?
I’ve got to get out and visit my grandson and take him his Christmas presents, which, of course, I went overboard buying. (I just love’s free shipping.)
I miss having a reason to feel in a holiday mood. I need to make some new friends. I need to hug my grandson and my daughter and my angel of a son-in-law.
I need a reason not to escape.

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  1. Well, mom, you don’t have to come out just once before christmas you know. You are welcome anytime here. It’s good for Lex to see you as he gets more and more familiar, gets him to where he’ll stay with you alone, lets him see his gammie and have someone else to play with besides his mother. 🙂
    You are free to come out here any time you want.

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