Kalilily By Proxy

This is not your resident crone speaking. This is, in fact, said resident crone’s dutiful son, The One True b!X, posting on behalf of your regularly-scheduled Kalilily to explain that due to computer troubles, she may be offline for a currently-indeterminate length of time.
On the other hand, she may successfully plug her laptop into her cable modem and be back before you know it.
Either way, you have all been properly notified of the goings-on.
Carry on.

1 thought on “Kalilily By Proxy

  1. well, I did manage to get online with my laptop, which is where I am now. but since I can’t remember my logon info for MT (it’s stored on my old machine, which automatically put me on the posting page), I can’t post. but I have my old machine back from the cute young repair guyh, and I’m going to try to hook it back up tonight. (another great challenge for my ailing mind) stay tuned.

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