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  1. im a girl, and ive been seeing this for years. it started with me noticing 3:33am/pm

    then random numbers not just the clock.. now its 111, 1111, 222 333 444 555

    it wint go away, i dont want it to, i just wish i understood it.

    so u all have it too?

    its the year 2007 now…does no one have an answer.

    its definatly something to do with angels, since paying attention to the fact that i have one, they have become frequent, several times a day.

    any SET IN STONE answers?

  2. I can change reality at this time. I first started experiencing this after something strange that I cannot explaine happened to me at band camp. I was walking alone in the dark outside when I saw a big green flash and after that wsa lying in my bed at home. No one can help me.

  3. I recently posted something in reply to a person’s question and, have having a double take, realized the person posted their message at 11:11:11 PM!
    Of course, 11:11 is frequently in my life, though it’s creepy to see three sets of 11. If you want to see what I mean, go look at the topic on:
    It’ll probably be gone soon but hurry. Hmm. . . I must be on the right track or something! ^_^

  4. 11/11 is my birthday. I was born on 11 o’clock in the morning, and get this: The person who introduced me to the phenomena in none other than Uri Geller himself. I live & work in the UK and met him where he was doing charity work for hospitals. Look at his web:
    reply to me and I would pass on the msg. I am going to visit him at his house on the 14 Dec this year.

  5. i dont understand this , ……. i am a christin , i tried to look up all the chapter 11s verse 11s ,in the bible, none really captured me. i was amazed that my curiosity grew sooo strong to type in 11:11 online and find that there are actually other ppeople who see this too , im amazed. i dont understand what it is , but im thanking God , because i know his plans are perfect and im excited to see what it means.

  6. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been seeing 11:11 now. At least 10 years or more at least daily. Basically its consistency made me curious enough to get into spiritualism. I found solaras book 11:11 which spun me out to begin with (the fact theres a book at all), but it was alittle heavy. It’s also mentioned in Doreen Virtues Angel book, I’m a huge believer of Angels and I really feel its something to do with them sending us signs because since I read the Healing with Angels book I learnt other number sequences & since then I see them all the time too. Its a form of communication I reckon. Also since I read something about there being another vibration 12:12 I’ve started seeing that too. Still why we see it is a mystery to me. I can’t believe I’m not the only one, thats strange. Also after telling my friends about it some see it to, perhaps its a higher awareness once activated.

  7. Hi. Here are a few links for those interested:
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    Milk Hill Crop Glyph (360 + 49 = 409 & chakras) by Steven Clementson
    (the alphanumerics of 409 indicate the seven colors of the spectrum, which are also the chakra colors. Green adds to 49. The other six chakras add to 360, a “circle” or “wheel,” the very meaning of the word chakra)
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  8. For at least 3-4 weeks now, I have been seeing 11:11. For some reason, everytime I happen to look at the clock….it says 11:11
    It is actually begining to scare me a little. I want to know what this represents. I want a deeper understanding. Maybe someone could help?

  9. I’ve been seeing these 11:11s since the year 2000. It has happened so often that its just something i live with daily. do i just wait to find out what it means or am i supposed to do something?

  10. Hello ElevenEleveners!
    I have recently created a page with lots of information and links about numbers, such as 11:11 and the triplets (111, 222, etc.) –
    11:11 – What is the Meaning?
    Another recent article expands on some of the ideas:
    Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead – Lazarus and Awakening the Giant
    One of the findings is based on lock 288 and key 156 = 444, and one-fourth of those values (72 + 39 = 111). This clearly connects directly with the work of a leading scientist, Professor D. G. Leahy. This is solid evidence that these “wake-up” numbers are about the nature of creation itself.
    I will be adding other information to the pages, as there seems to be a great quickening of the coincidence phenomena. I can hardly keep up with it.
    Joseph E. (Joe) Mason

  11. I don’t know what’s up with this particular number 11:11 but ever since I saw it from the very first time I confirmed that it wasn’t just a number; we all know that is not going to stop,because if you see it one time, then you’ll see it everytime, everywhere and no matter if you forgot about it, your clock, cd player,etc..will be there,just to remaind you that the time is 11:11 or something like 1:11 or 5:11 or 3:11,even 11:22 or 2:22. This is crazy, but you all know that it is happening to some people and I am one of them.

  12. My name is Jessi, but most people call me Amara. I have had this 11:11 “coincidence” since I was in my seventh grade year. I am now a senior in high school/freshman in college. That is almost 6 years straight of 11:11 things. It all started back then when I looked at the clock that said 11:11 and said “Hehe, 11:11, all the numbers are the same…” but ever since then, every single night I look at the clock after not looking all day and see 11:11. It’s now starting to drive me nuts! What does it all mean?! >.

  13. I see 11’s everytime I look at a clock, watch, even there are multiple clocks in a room I will first glance at the one that says 3:11 even if the rest are different times. I stop the microwave with 11 sec. left.. am I alone? Johnnywoodchip

  14. This is a very interesting phenomena and I am very excited to know that I am not alone. Since 1990, I have been seeing 11:11 on the clocks whenever I glance at them not actually needing to know the time. It’s somewhat as if the clock is grabbing my attention or calling out to me. I have also played with numerology on my birthdate; my birthdate 2-16-1973 adds up to the number 11. I also discovered something remarkable in my parents birthdates. My father was born 1-31-34 and my mother on 1-30-39. When those are added up by month, day and year it comes out to 2-61-73. Nobody has been able to explain this meaning to me or why I keep seeing 11:11. I am hoping that all the websites and other members may be able to enlighten me a bit.

  15. I am in search of what 11:11 means. I see it everyday sometimes twice a day. I don’t even wear a watch…. but when I go to start my car the clock says 11:11, when I glance at the clock through the work day, on the clock radio, the microwave, the computer.. on and on. It really is something that is almost ridiculous that is am ALWAYS seeing it. I don’t look for it, it is just there.. calling me. HELP!!! what does this mean? I am not not looking for it nor am I superstitious in the least.
    If anyone feels they know what it means please tell me…my email is amyaallen22@hotmail.com
    I feel I am forced to find out its meaning.. it is driving me kind of crazy!!
    I do have to say though… I honestly feel in my heart for some reason it is spiritually realated?
    The presence I feel when I see it.
    Hard to explain…

  16. Hey all. It’s not just 11:11 with me. It could be 222, 333, 444, 1212–any combo, but the numbers ALWAYS match. I am convinced God is trying to tell me something. Always, VERY FREQUENTLY, when I drive or walk at night a lot of streetlights go out when I am directly underneath them. I am still actively searching for answers.

  17. I don’t see 11:11 so often. We have 24 hour time here in Sweden.. But when I check my watch it’s often 1:11, 2:22, 13:33 or something. I also see the numbers when I post in forums and so on.. Really weird.. I try telling my self it’s coincidences.
    It started 1998 or 1999 for me.
    I wonder what people who see these numbers have in common?
    Some questions:
    Do you like philospohy?
    Do you suffer from OCD, depression or panic disorder?
    Have you been or are involved in the occult or new age?
    Are you religious?

  18. I work on the 11th floor and at desk #11. My address is 11, … it just goes on and on since about a year now. Before that is was 444 that I would repeatedly see on digital clocks and also the number 13 seems to appear on significant dates in my life also. What gives?

  19. Hi everyone! Wow I am blown away. It is sooo cool to find so many people that see three digit numbers. I love it! I see 222, 333, 555, 111, any number in pairs of three. I know it is a sign from my angels, higher power….. I have just met a man who also sees elevens all the time? Wow how cool is that.. Any comments welcome SB

  20. Hi All-
    I have seen 444 all my life..lately I’ve been seeing the 1111s- but more constantly I see 23 and 33
    – I’m 33 and born on may 23 at 5;23 am…
    Any thoughts? Thanks 🙂

  21. THE SOLUTION [?]
    I have similar experiences for about two years now. It started while I was studying in England for my MSc in Knowledge Management. I am from Ethiopia, Africa. While I always have the tendency of searching for deep rooted meaning from all my interactions in the sensible world, this type of experience which is tied up with repeatition of a key set of numbers was triggered in association with a compelling urge to find out something different about me as related to my immediate context, my personal history and the larger unseen (specualted) context that I believed is shaping events in the world. It is simle logic. whatever things that are evidently irrational must have some other explanation that is not and can not be attended by the mainstream.
    As a result, i strated associating myself with numbers. With little guidance, my research gave a a new perspective on my beliefs and views at all levels.
    I started to feel that I belong to something out there. And this something is trying to tell me something about my identify, the reasons for my existence, and about events that unfolded in the history of mankind including at present. I strated to extract meaning out of every interaction I make in my immediate context and beyond. The resultant understanding however made me quite worried and at times frustrated. But, in due time I got used to them eventhough it has to a certain extent affected my relationshi with my family, friends and colleagues, etc.
    I have speculated a whole array of causes, some of them quite preposterous even for myself: mind control by CIA (MK-Ultra) or whoever, link with the aliens, being belonging to a certain enlightened bloodline, etc. But, I never lost my grounding with the sensible world, in the face what many others say about my speculations, this guy is losing it.
    I have started to uncover a new understanding by working on numbers informed by the intuitive suggestitions that are coming to my mind, my investigation of paranormal research in relation to the immediate and larger context I live, etc.
    To give you an idea of what I mean by this:
    For me 1952 is an important year because the organisation I work with was established in 1952. It is now 52+1 years since 1952. The telephone area code for Ethiopia is 251. The word Telephone equals 152. Queen Elizabeth was throned in 1952. The Queen was born on April 21 which is the 111th day of the year. Prophet Mohammed is born on the same day (By the way I am an Orthodox Christian by birth but I am not affiliated to any religion in any conventional sense) Eritrea was annexed into Ethiopia in 1952. When 911 happened in New York, it was New Year in Ethiopia, according to our calendar. The name of the King who founded the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa gives 911. Addis Ababa like New york means New Flower. The name of the university I was in England gives 911 as well. Washington DC is equal to 152. Black hole=152. I have dozens and dozens of key words converging into 152/132 etc including the name of our Prime Minister that gives 152 and 132 which add up to 248. [I got an article on 132 and 248 yesterday which synthesised things I have come to specualte as a result of my analysis the refining of data for it is determined by intutive feelings/coincidences I got from somewhere[?] For the article just run the words 132+248}ufo on Google]. In doing such an analysis of number against events, issues, etc I regard every information as relevant and attempt to verify it against the pattern. Some intuitive feeling is tipping me, guiding me, urging me to do this. As most of you said, I see these common numbers in my laptop, in my cars watch, in car plates, etc…. consistently even though the frequency varies from time to time.
    Through time I have created and accumulated quite interesting patterns that are converging into each other suggesting defined set of possibilities in terms of the meaning one can drive from these.
    I have been able to convince some of my friends -with the statistically acceptable patterns- who seem to be totally disoriented of such a thing. My first degree is in Statistics. But, for anyone who has a simle idea of probability, it is simple logic to deduce these seemingly unrelated ‘coincidences’ are patterns. Now I am building a ststitical model to collectively analyse these patterns and test their signficance. For example when you convert a name of someone into numbers (using numerology), it gives out the following matrix:
    193 131 324
    131 157 288
    324 288 612
    I do these studies as a hobby without losing focus of what I do for a living and w/o affecting my social responsibilities and roles. I am a Research, MIS and Evaluation Manager in a leading Organisation in Ethiopia.
    This is the first time I have come to write my experiences.
    For further discussion, feel free to contact me thru the address ethihab@yahoo.com. I have got a lot to share.
    cheers and bye for today
    After I came back to Ethiopia, I
    But, these are results of my research to know about something.

  22. I have been seing 11:11 since I was 11 years old. I am 17 now and I have never really realized that there was significance to it. I thought it was just coincidence. I never researched it and when I found several websites with postings from people going through the same thing I literally started to cry because I got kind of scared. I have read people’s articles and it’s so confusing…I don’t know what any of the atrological stuff means or the relationships to the mayan calender. I just know it has something to do with planets and crop circles or something. The only significant event that I found before I found these websites was the fact that World War One officially ended on November 11th. If anyone could explain some of the relationship to this phenomenom in terms that I can understand it would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is Gemini3088@aol.com

  23. For the longest time everytime I look at the clock it’s always 11 mins after the hour. I didn’t think anything of it until this morning. I got this phone call it came up on my caller id as 111-111-1111 when i went to answer it there was no answer so i hung up. on my phone we have a little light that flashes when someone leaves a message so a couple mins went by and i looked at the phone and the little light was flashing so i went to check my messages and there was nothing but silence. it’s really creeping me out is there meaning behind all of this.

  24. 11:11 is a big part of my life. I’ve always made wishes at this time or just thought of this as a “happy” time in my life. I am now 17 years old but the most interesting part about how im so fascinated with the time 11:11 is that my anniversary with someone I love alot is 11/11 at 11:11pm. So pretty much it was November 11th, 11:11pm. When he asked me to be his.
    I dont know if you call that wierd?
    It’s so true.

  25. Me and my Dad hav been seeing 11:11 for a while… And guess what im seeing it right now!!!:( And weve been seeing for a while i started seeing in 2007 while i was in my Dads car. HE started seeing it after the year 2000.It scares me sometimes when i do see it and i try to not look for it when its about time. I heard that here in Michigan its the time 7:11 when where that huge clock is for the exact time is 11:11. I believe that spirts and things are making people see it and its way more than a quewindince.

  26. 11:11 and the number 11 in general are indeed “pre-encoded triggers”.

    They are subliminally implanted triggers to activate a “wake up program” that will be sweeping the globe in the years to come.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with God or the Divine. It has everything to do with the emergence of the so-called “spirit of antichrist”.

    This program will have people convinced that we are all one and that God is in everyone and in everything. In essence, that we are all “Christ”.

    It is a lie.

    If you got this trigger I urge you to really wake up to the real Truth of what is going on.

    Our Heavenly Father doesn’t work with trickery and special codes. His adversary in this world, however, does!

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