Trying to stay awake.

Party politics puts me to sleep. I’ve been trying to keep up with what the Democrats are up to, since the upcoming election is such an important one, and I’m really yawning. An op-ed piece in today’s NY Times by Matthew Miller shed some light on the inability of the Democratic effort to hold my attention:
What American politics urgently needs, in other words, is not a new left, but a new center. Democrats need to refocus domestic debate around a handful of fundamental goals on which all Americans can agree

4 thoughts on “Trying to stay awake.

  1. “As Democrats start sprinting toward their primaries, the candidate who can take what the Republican Party denigrates as “wild-eyed liberal dreams” and reframe them properly as simple common sense will have the best chance to beat President Bush — and of deserving to.”
    That would be Dennis Kucinich.

  2. Isn’t this the same editorial which pointed out that Nixon’s health plan proposed circa 1970 was far too radical for the Clintons to contemplate in 1993? My, how times have changed. As I once pointed out in my blog, Barry Goldwater couldn’t even get elected as a delegate to the GOP convention in today’s climate. Chilling.
    Postscript: Much as I admire and respect “Bruce,” anyone who thinks Kucinich could possibly win the general election, let alone the nomination, is a dreamer. But, then, maybe it’s Bruce’s dreaming that draws us to him.

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