Enlightenment Strikes!

After I dropped off the book I just finished reading, I stopped at the “New Books Just In” section of the library just to see if there might be something that looked interesting. Some new legal mystery with a kick-ass female protagonist maybe.
Hmm. A just-published novel by Ken Wilber. Ken Wilber. Wasn’t he that transpersonal psychology guy? Back in the 70s? I always thought he spelled his name Wilbur. I look at the photo and blurb about Ken Wilber on the back cover. The photo is of a young man wearing a Smilie button. The blurb says:
Ken Wilber, who turned 23 when this book was published, received his degreee from MIT in computer science and artificial life. [emphasis mine, and that should have clued me in right there.] He lives in Denver Colorado with his finace, Chloe Walters, and their dog, Isaac……
I go back to novel’s Table of Contents, which includes chapter headings such as:

OK, so this must be a different Ken Wilbur…er…Wilber…. I go back and read the blurb on the inside of the front cover.
Ken Wilber’s latest book is a daring departure from his previous wiritings…combines brilliant scholarship with tongue-incheek storytelling…. he expounded in more conventional terms in his recent “A Theory of Everything.
I scan through the first few chapters and see references to Lasch’s “The Culture of Narcissism” and Stern’s “Me: the Naracissitic American.” I also see references to big tits and memes, cognitive malfunction and postmodernism, to sexdrugsand….
Wait a minute! Wait a minute! That doesn’t sound like the Ken Wilbur I used to know. That sounds like…..gulp…..
I take the book home so that I can figure out the Wilbur dilemma and further think about the connection between Wilbur/er and…..gulp….that other guy.
A Google search ultimately proves that Ken Wilbur is Ken Wilber. I can’t find any indiction of why his name is spelled two different ways, but when I compared a current photo of him with the 23 year-old guy on the book’s back flyleaf — yup, it’s the same guy. So, the old geezer is pretending to be a 23 year old geek writer. Uh oh.
That’s when enlightenment stikes.
Rage Boy is Ken Wilbur/er’s Evil Twin, his Dark Side. the other side of his coin. I mean just look them:
Rage Boy: long hair, down-turned eyes, bushy eyebrows, tight closed mouth, angular face, a look to intimidate if not scare you off completely.
Ken Wilbur/er: bald, turned-up eyes, normal eyebrows, open smiling mouth, softly curved face, an open and inviting expression.
And now the dark Rage Boy side has taken over the enlightened Ken Wilbur side and the result is “BOOMERITIS: A Novel That Will Set You Free.”
Oh where will it all end!

4 thoughts on “Enlightenment Strikes!

  1. I see you like mysteries with femaile protagonists. Have you read any of Kathy Reichs’ books? If not I highly recommend them. Her main protagonist, Tempe Brennan is a forensic anthropologist (as is Kathy Reichs). Start with Deja Dead and read in sequence (it’s not a serial but later books reference earlier events). Good writing, good plots, interesting science.
    I got interested in reading mystery novels by forensic anthropologists when I was introduced to Aaron Elkins works about a decade ago.

  2. Wow. How fortuitous is your comment, DD. I’ve been trying to remember Reichs’ name because I got one of her books on tape out of the library and listened to it on one of my trips to see my grandson several months ago. I remember liking it and wanting to get another of hers. The one I listened to on tape had something to do with a plane crash in the woods near a compound of some sort. I think it was called Fatal Voyage. This is so cool! I just put in an online request for Deja Dead. Thanks!!

  3. Reached your site in search of Ken Wilbur. Looking for anything new he’s put out there. I don’t see the resemblance, really, in the pic but the novel referecnes sound familiar. Strange.
    website on contemplation you might like. http://www.Lwas.net. it seeks to bridge gaps. there’s a work on the Bijani Twins in “Gracenotes.” I wrote a thing early, on the Bush War with Iraq. Have not posted it yet.

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