Keep it up, Bubala.

When Locke lets go of his flaming rages, he’s not just good, he’s superb. Maybe he gets inspired by challenges too. Whatever the case, this is worth the struggle.
And in the spirit of archetypes, his allusion to the old Howdy Doody show got me thinking about Mr. Bluster — sort of an archetype for RB, no? I wonder if he made that conscious connection or is it just my ever connecting brain.
Meanwhile, after a day of manic blogging, I’ve got to spend the rest of the week taking care of the rest of what passes for my life these days: my chiropractor appointment; my mother’s Aredia infusion (which takes half a day); a visit with my former colleague from Arizona (the free-lance job from whom enabled me to buy a laptop, which I still haven’t connected) who’s in the area; and getting ready for a visit from my cousins who are coming up this weekend. And my greying roots are way overdue for a touch-up. Such is life in the slow lane.
So, if I’m dark here for a few days, don’t panic. The most I hope to get done on this blog is update my blogroll, which hasn’t been touched much since I moved to this site from my old one.
Keep it up, Bubala.

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  1. Yay blogosphere! I’ll be sure and read your site regularly, Elaine. Thanks for the link, and I’ll return the favor soon.
    And don’t disparage life in the slow lane… move too fast and you miss the important stuff. 🙂

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