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The FX network has been coming up with some great shows lately. I managed to catch most of the episodes of The Shield when it went into reruns. Now I’m hooked on Nip Tuck.
Of course, I’ve had a crush on Julian McMahon ever since he played that devastatingly hunky demon on Charmed. (Yes, I watched that too. Love anything witchy and/or with females who can give as hard as they get. My fascination with such things actually goes back to the 1942 movie, “I Married a Witch” with Veronica Lake and then the 1951 “Half Angel” starring Loretta Young. So you see, the seeds of my feminism and cronehood go way, way back.)
Nip Tuck is far from charming. It’s messy, unpredictable, unnerving, subtle, outrageous, disappointing, redeeming, revealing, and rewarding. Kinda like life. And blogging, sometimes.
I love the complexities of the show’s characters, the infinite shades of their gray thinking. It’s those moral and emotional struggles in all of us magnified a hundredfold — not enough to turn us away, but enough to hit home hard enough to pop our eyes open.
Kinda like our personal blogs should be, doncha’ think?

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  1. The Parents Television Council (PTC) has targeted Nip/Tuck and is trying to get all the show’s sponsors to pull their ads, therefore forcing the show to censor itself or get thrown off the air. More information is available on the PTC’s website (
    this was taken from another nip/tuck forum you can go to by clicking here
    I have started an online petition to keep Nip/Tuck on the air
    show your support for the show by signing the petition and fighting back

  2. I found your blog while searching for web pages on Nip/Tuck, so I thought I’d leave a message. I’m hooked on Nip/Tuck. I originally watched it for Julian McMahon, as I loved him on Charmed, and now I’m obsessed with Nip/Tuck as well. Anyway, I’m out. 🙂

  3. I love it too – but my TiVo cut out on me for Episode 7. Does anyone have it saved and can make a copy for me? I would gladly reimburse.

  4. I’m a Julian McMahon/NipTuck lover as well! I’ve been intrigued with him since the beginning of his days on Charmed, and of course followed him to Nip/Tuck. What a show! I hope it has a long future!

  5. The Parents Television council is idiotic. Nip/Tuck is a 10 PM CABLE show. It was never meant to be for children. Who are these nitwits anyway?

  6. Why don’t those morons at PTC stick to watching
    Brady Bunch reruns? A quality show like Nip/Tuck
    is obviously beyond the capacity of their pea
    sized brains. Excellent writing and acting. This
    is a first rate show.

  7. OMGOSH!!! Nip/Tuck is one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen! And Jullian McMahon.. WOW!! yummy!!! I mean, words can’t even describe how good this show is or even how hottttt Jullian is!!!! I lOvE yOu JuLlIaN!!!!

  8. Nip/Tuck totally rocks !!!! The PTC needs to take a prozac . What kind of parents allow their children to up that late on a school night! It seems to me these people need a new hobby.Nip/Tuck is exactly the kind of intense entertainment the networks need to wake up its viewers! It’s just a shame we have to wait for the new episodes for so long . Just totally awesome! GO FX !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Finally some TV worth watching! The intensity, the interplay of characters, the technical quality, the passion; all come forward in this provocative and worthwhile entertainment. Stay advertisers stay! The PTC can go find some show of lesser quality to pick on.

  10. Nip/Tuck makes people upset because it takes a look at what many don’t want to admit: Beauty will get you far.
    And everyone who steps into the office to have something done is trying to improve their lives somehow.
    But the best thing about N/T is that the plot is just amazing!! It delivers the goods on the spot, it doesn’t rely on the old cliche of making the audience sit for 5 or 6 episodes just to see a minimal spark in the story. Here is BOOM!! WHAM!! Shock, and more shock!! Just when you think: Oh great, now that all this exciting things happen, I can go to the kitchen for a snack because I’m sure I won’t miss anything good, WHAM!!! another shocker comes into the plot and right out to your screen!!! I’m even afraid to leave during the commercials becuase I don’t even want to miss 3 seconds of the show!!
    I kept telling my best friend to watch it, he was like “ok, whatever, yeah, I will…” and he never did, even thou I kept telling him how trully good it was. Eventually I made him swear he would watch the first episode during the marathon. He did, and today I saw him and he surprised me by saying he has been sitting every night religiously to watch each and every episode!!! He even tapes some for his GF!!! WOW!!
    Yup, we got a winner!! I just hope those prudes who claim to have the better interest of the children and families in their mind, would just take a pill and go to sleep, leaving us alone to enjoy the best show on TV!!!

  11. OMG NIP/TUCK is awesome!!! I am dying to know when the show is coming back! i can’t stand not being able to see sexy Julian! please come back to me!!! PTC needs to get lives. i love this show and if they take if off of the air i’m gonna freak!!

  12. Nip tuck is a really great show and if they want to keep there ratings up they should think about contining the Show Nip/tuck

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