Surviving the blackout of 2003.

Woo hoo! Six floors of 250 apartments of senior citizens who are used to eating out!
As fate would have it, my mom and I were in the elevator with a wagon full of groceries including ice cream, heading to the 3rd floor when everything shut down. After an eternity of 10 seconds or so, the power began flickering, so I punched #2, the elevator stumbled to a stop on 2, and we charged out. It took me four trips up and down the flight of darkened stairs before I got the groceries, the cart, and my mom up to her apartment. Good think I’m not in bad shape.
I checked with my neighbors to see if anyone needed food, but everyone seemed to be OK. The hallways and stairs were totally dark; luckily our old batteries had enough umph left to power our flashlights and my walkman/radio. The power went back on just after it got dark, and in the meanwhile, there was a lot of grumbling going on behind all those closed doors.
We sure are a spoiled lot, we Americans, taking our reliance on electrical power as our god-given right. Of course, Dubya is mouthing a lot of talk about shoring up the power grid. I’m waiting to hear somesubstantive talk about moving away from fossil fuel toward more hydro-electric and solar sources of power. Yeah, right.

4 thoughts on “Surviving the blackout of 2003.

  1. Don’tcha just know that the Texas Terrorist is going to milk this for all its worth. With much help, I’m sure from that wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing he’s just picked as the new EPA chief. Alternative sources? What the hell are those? This crowd considers them in the same category as pot, peace rallies, abortions, and same-sex unions.
    Glad you and your Mom are OK. It doesn’t sound as bad as what took place down in the City.

  2. But Dumbya was at a fundraiser in CA where he didn’t even mention the outage. Cheney was in hiding as usual. Who was in charge in Wash? Why the White House Chief of Staff, of course, you know that UNELECTED appointee? Then Dumbya says we’ll find out what caused the outage, but “it’ll take time.” That’s his administration’s motto: IT’LL TAKE TIME — al qaeda, bin laden, Iraq, Hussein, the economy, now power grid. IT’LL TAKE TIME. Translation: just reelect us so we can finish what we started cuz it’ll take time. Real translation? We ain’t doing nothing but waggin’ the dog. btw, are we all clear that our power grid, nimo, is british owned? Or is that the phone company. god bless america so’s we can sell it.

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