I made the Chicago Tribune!

As I emailed to my friends and relatives:
I guess this is one instance where age has its advantage. To be included in an article with Rebecca Blood and Meg Hourihan, the crown princesses of blogging, is an honor that resulted pretty much solely from the fact that I’m one of the oldest women on the blogblock. But that’s OK. These days I’ll take whatever I can get.

Tribiune staff writer Gail Philbin captures
a good (if necessarily limited) cross-section of women bloggers who reveal why they bother to blog. I thought I mentioned Blog Sisters in my interview with her last month, but if I did, the mention got lost in the editing. Too bad. I like to plug that bunch whenever I can.
I guess I’ve used up my alloted minutes of fame. Or maybe not.
P.S. Since my interview with Philbin I asked the Linda Lovelace site to remove the link to my blog; I get enough porn spam without that kind of help, and I’m sure that anyone actually finding my post about Lovelace was terribly disappointed anyway.

7 thoughts on “I made the Chicago Tribune!

  1. Sweet Tunes and Weblogging Runes

    Being off-weblog this weekend, I missed the Blogathon, and in particular, the joint effort on the part of Scott Andrew and Shannon Campbell to co-write a song in 24 hours. All online. They made their goal, plus one: two songs, Southdown and Nothing New…

  2. Congratulations, most Honored Crone of Kalilily!
    You deserve this recognition for all the work you do, helping to elevate us out of the Dark Ages, fighting to keep the dogs of war at bay, rubbing the sleep out of our eyes for awareness. I am so very proud of you!
    (Still can’t access the article, though.)

  3. Hello Elaine,
    I’m one of the other bloggers profiled. Are you enjoying your 15 minutes of fame? I know I am. In any event, just wanted to stop by and say hi. From what I’ve seen, love what you’re doing with your site!

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