Healing Magic for Ann Craig.

Word is out that Ann Craig (once a blogger, always a blogger) needs our good wishes, good thoughts, good vibes.
And so I conjure mine — a healing blue bindrune for skin diseases (coincidentally configured like an “M”) contained by a conch shell whose center radiates harmony and healing and whose root grows life-affirming green.
a full moon on the 13th
and magic from the sea
signs life to sisters
under the skin
Meditate on this and be well, Ann.

2 thoughts on “Healing Magic for Ann Craig.

  1. Melanoma! And in this age, with skin protection. We still feel a tanned face is a healthy face, even though we KNOW this is wrong in our brains.
    There is a lot of skin cancer up here in Alaska because we are so pale most of the year, and then when the sun does come back, it rages over all of us, all day, all night.
    Speaking of rages: that “rage boy” is a curious fellow. (Or should I say fella? I’m so confused.)
    I will hold a good thought for Ann, too, hoping she rids her body of this terrible disease.

  2. Greetings and Blessings!!! A friend sent me your link and suggested that I contact you.
    My name is Ruth Mendelson. I am a composer (I score films for a living and teach Advanced Film Composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston)- deeply committed to the dharma of Healing and Music- and have just launched a web site that could be of interest to you.
    Here’s the link: I hope you have flash and speakers!
    The “Amazing Jellies” CD was originally composed for the New England Aquarium’s exhibit re: jellyfish and saving the oceans. I was commissioned by the Aquarium to write the music last spring. The process of “writing” the music was extraordinary. I cried most of the time- the Love that was coming through was so purely Beautiful.
    About 3 months ago, a teacher who was visiting the exhibit was so taken by the music she wrote about it on an internet teachers forum, saying that it had the strong potential to help her students learn. Before I knew it, I was flooded with CD orders from teachers all across the US.
    I received SO many requests that I did a remix of the music for home systems (there are often 24 tracks of sound- each gently moving in different directions, just as layers of water move within the ocean). That’s when I put the web site up, featuring a few brief clips of the score.
    Since then, several mothers of autistic children are using the CD, claiming that it’s the ONLY thing that helps their children calm down and become aware of the space around them. A Mayan Elder just ordered 10 of them from Mexico, another man in CT just ordered one for his elderly mother who is going in for surgery this Friday (she wants the CD as part of her post-op care), several massage therapists are using it with clients, teachers are telling me that it’s helping their students develop reading skills, LOTS of people are using it to deepen their Meditations and chill out. There’s a LOT of Medicine in this Music and i am deeply humbled and grateful to be of service in this way.
    If there is anyone who feel could benefit from the CD, would you mind passing on this link to them? The score carries much Light and has the potential to Bless many.
    Thank you so much for checking this out.
    Blessings to you and all the circles that you touch,
    -Ruth Mendelson

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