5 thoughts on “Back, again, from near Boston.

  1. I C(atc)hing
    Because the angles are right —
    morning sun to frozen snow cover,
    frozen snow cover to me —
    sun, snow, eyes
    a first-ever perception:
    every tiny snow crystal
    becomes its own prism,
    shifting glints of bluegreenorangered
    carpeting the white expanse.
    seeing is a matter
    of what catches your eye
    — inner or outer —
    and the angle between your self
    and the world.

  2. 2.
    First and Last
    On the first morning
    of the first day ever,
    the first eyes opened
    — light! —
    and for the first time saw.
    And living began.
    On the last evening
    of the last night ever,
    the first eyes closed
    — dark! —
    for the last time.
    And living ended.
    Make every morning
    the first.

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