4 thoughts on “We make no difference.

  1. You know, I sometimes think that Bush and his bottom line cut and burn policies which invariably favor the wealth classes are going to lead to a second civil war in this country. But then I wake up and realize how far gone in apathy most of the population of this country seems to be.

  2. Also don’t forget how they are treating the Iraqi POWs. See http://www.observer.co.uk/international/story/0,6903,963108,00.html
    They are keeping them in uinhumane conditions and are not allowing the International Red Cross access to the POWs in clear violation of the Geneva Convention.
    The story about the SUV tax break is not new. I and others scovered it back in February when it hit the newswires then. I picked the story up from Nando Times (who have just shut down their operation so their archives aren’t available) but i know it was covered elsewhere. Maybe that’s why it isn’t getting a lot of coverage now.

  3. Consider also: a $400 tax break (?) per child amounts to approximately $1.10 per day. What do they get the child for that? A candy bar?
    Civil war is a foregone impossibily even if people weren’t apathetic. What would be used: sticks knives handguns against the military arsenal?
    BTW, are we aware that depleted uranium weapons, once used, shatter and create an airborne dust which is toxic to people, plants, etc for unknown, untold periods of time?

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