Blogging for the Presidency.

That’s what Howard Dean is doing, and he and his staff are blogging it very well.
I took particular notice of the blog entry that quotes Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post:
It seems this morning that bloggers have taken over the world.
Or at least the 2004 presidential campaign.
The pundits are blogging. The journalists are blogging. And now the candidates are blogging.
Who needs television? Let’s just eliminate the middleman.
We couldn’t agree more.
So now we have the following exciting scenario: Candidate gives speech. ABC News reports speech. ABC’s Note blogs speech. Then candidate blogs his own speech, knocking down any negative interpretation by other bloggers. And we blog the whole incestuous process.

Seems like democracy in action to me. And, while I’ve never really actively campaigned for a politician, Dean is one that just might get me going. I like his politics and his person, particularly how he and his wife (who uses her own last name professionally) manage a two-demanding-careers marriage.
Give ’em hell, Howard!

4 thoughts on “Blogging for the Presidency.

  1. Oh, I just can’t wait (heavy saracasm here) to see what kind of mud the bush campaign comes up with to sling at this good man. I already heard rumors that the witch-hunt has begun, the wheels are in motion to dig up (un)truthful slime with which to launch a smear campaign because they are so afraid of his integrity getting in the way of their bullshit. Schmucks.

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