Good Neighbors

The weblog community is very much like a neighborhood. We know who are neighbors are, know which ones we like and like to visit. We don

2 thoughts on “Good Neighbors

  1. I agree that the blog community is wonderful. I’m not sure about the whole thing of raising money to keep one’s blog alive, if free blogging is available from so many places; that seems kind of weird to me. But the support and the kindness and the good feelings in general are terrific. I just e-mailed Sheila Lennon the other day talking about how much I liked her stuff, and she wrote back and said she didn’t get a lot of fan mail (which surprised me, she blogs for an actual professional newspaper, as opposed to us amateurs) and really appreciated mine because she got some stupid hate mail the same day. The best thing we can do is make the world a better place for each other!!!

  2. I keep forgetting that the entire world isn’t plugged in. There was an informal study done a few years back on Alaskans who were plugged in. I wasn’t surprised to hear a very high 68%, which has climbed up to 75% recently. Why not? What else is there to do up here, especially if you don’t want to hang out in stinky bars getting ripped every night. The cold keeps us close to home most of the year, so that lets out only infrequent trips to town to stock on supplies and you can’t leave it out to freeze while you dash in to catch a quick movie or dinner!
    I am so glad to have the internet and blogging community which allows me to reach out and touch someone–and get touched back with warm touchy, feelies from so many wonderful new friends.

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