Sometimes a great notion…

A while ago I had the notion that I should take a free-lance writing job offered me by a former colleague. In this economy, we call all use a few extra bucks. Well, the notion is now a reality, and tomorrow I start using parts of my brain I haven’t used for the past two years. If I don’t show up here too often for a while, it’s just that all of my best words are going to earn me fortune instead of fame. Oh wait. What fame?

4 thoughts on “Sometimes a great notion…

  1. Best of luck with your writing endeavors, Elaine. I’m sure those long unused portions of your brain will be firing rapidly away in no time.
    You get paid for writing? Why didn’t I think of that?

  2. Heh. I’m getting paid for writing the kinds of stuff that I wouldn’t waste my time writing otherwise. I have a very narrow expertise in taking bureaucratic non-information and spinning it into reports of accomplishments that sound as though there’s some substance. I call it succotash — a little bit of lima beans and a lot of corn. I think that real creative writers call it prostitution. 🙂
    I just put in four straight hours, so I’m taking break. I should go for a walk, but what am I doing?

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