3 thoughts on “From myth to nightmare.

  1. I spent many hours yesterday, pouring over Christopher Allbritton’s Back to Iraq weblog where he posted his filings from the war. Although I had already read his direct emails, this was the first time I had seen the comments. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Most were using this format to debate, mud-sling, name-call, patronize, belittle and beat their chests, demanding opposing views change their mind or stop cluttering up the cheering section. Both sides were doing this for 50, 60, 70 comments on each posting, sometimes carrying over the same argument for days, changing their alias, posing. I was also amazed how many people could so differently read his post, automatically assuming the absolute worst case scenario of interpretation imagineable. At times, either Christopher himself or his brother or mother had to step in and plead or make threats to stop this behavior. I was so embarassed. And so glad I didn’t find out about this barroom brawl til it was all over.
    Many were from around the world. I wonder what they must think of us.
    I read Kamiya’s original article, I did not interpret it the way the Times did, but that’s not unusual. I majored in literature, and like a painting class where you’re told if it doesn’t hurt your eyes, you’re not looking hard enough, the same holds true for writing, which cannot be scanned. Lazy people who are irresponsible and self-absorbed turn into trouble makers and Speed Reading is no place from which to base an entire incorrect manipulation of journalistic review.
    The possibility of people like that mis-interpreting my meaning and assuming I’m too stupid to be commenting on any given subject, or automatically assuming the worst meaning, makes me want to quit writing altogether.

  2. It’s disturbing how militant and relentless the self-righteous Right are. My son had to deal with a similar onslaught not that long ago. He even had some of them calling him on the phone at all hours of the night and threatening him.
    If we stop writing, then we let them win. That’s not an option. Carry on!

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