How self-serving is myopia.

Myrln emails about our leadership’s innate perceptual disability:
Meanwhile, they’re rioting and looting in Iraq. Rummysfeld says it’s being overemphasized. A period of looting and rioting, he says, is a small price to pay for freedom. Any society, he goes on, needs a transition from suppression to liberty. Rioting is just a reaction to suppression. Looting comes from pent-up feelings.
Remember that the next time a ghetto goes up.
And US forces are not acting as police or guarding buildings, except for a single building, that of the oil ministry. But it’s not about oil.
The House of Representatives passes a bill approving drilling for oil in Alaska.
It’s not about oil.

4 thoughts on “How self-serving is myopia.

  1. Yeah, it’s not about the oil. *snort* OF COURSE NOT! Those frickin'(sp) idiots in Wash. finally got their bill passed, that they’ve had a hard on about for 10 years, pumping their fists into the podium, screaming till they’re horse. They are horses asses, all.
    They passed the bill allowing to drill on 2,000 acres in the middle of the calving grounds. “They (the porcupine heard) can go around.” The porcupine heard used to number in the millions, now they are down to 100,000, and they in the oil industry keep blaming it on the wolves. Gotta watch those wolves, they can eat several millions times their body weight in caribou.
    Don’t let us interrupt your primal scream as you drill deep into virgin territory, you horses asses.
    But, you know what? I would have given up the herd if it would have meant not going to war. That’s how much I hated this war.
    Hummphhh. I feel a rant coming on.

  2. Rumsfeld really pissed me off about his snide little “Henny Penny-it’s-just-a-person-with-a-vase-over-and-over-again” comment. If it’s at all possible he just slid 10 more notches lower in my esteem. I swear he’s getting as good at bluffing as the Iraqi Information Minister, but like al-Sahaf, he ain’t fooling anyone.

  3. I won’t argue this one. Iraq _is_ about much more than oil, but like any complicated situation any person can argue their selected favorite point convincingly.
    Instead, I’ll take the quote “they’ve had a hard on about for 10 years” and ask a question: Who all shares blame in this, over the last 10 years?
    Bush and Co? Well, that point was already made quite well. But get this…..
    Clinton? He needs to share blame since he along with the Democrats controlling the Congress extended the auto emission reform laws a couple of times in the late 90s.
    Auto makers? They definitely share blame since they keep producing gas guzzler SUVs that make up nearly 50% of the market anymore.
    The average US citizen? Well, gotta include them too. My sister-in-law bought an Explorer last year. Her reasoning for “needing” this car was the 2 miles drive taking her kids to school was much safer because she can see the road better. (In the meantime blocking my view if she is in front of me.)
    Then again, it’s a free market. We all want those better wages that a better economy yields – remember, Bush is to blame for that too. And if one can afford a SUV, then one should have the right to buy it even if it can’t averae 20 MPG much less the 50 MPG things should have by now.
    But if we let the US citizen have the right for this, then we also have to let the auto makers remain competitive. Otherwise, it hurts the economy, you know. And the higher cost of a 50 MPG SUV will make it a loser in this free market.
    So now we figure it’s time to legislate a more fuel economical vehicle. But wait, isn’t that considered big government? Legislating morals almost?
    Damn, these complicated sides of reality keep creeping in everywhere. I thought I could limit it to Iraq, but I guess not.

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