‘Malign Neglect’

Malign neglect. That’s what Paul Krugman accuses the Bush administration of in his “Conquest and Neglect” opinion today.
Yes, indeed — as he so accurately points out:
…..there is a pattern to the Bush administration’s way of doing business that does not bode well for the future

1 thought on “‘Malign Neglect’

  1. I never took psychology in college, but it seems like Bush (and his administrators) have ADD, doesn’t it? Attention deficit disorder. That seems to adorn many people with obsessive/compulsive personalities. It makes me just want to grab him in a headlock, smash his head into my boobs, and give him a big nuggy on top of his head. Goofy guy. At least he got the “deficit” part right.
    I’m thinking he needs a time-out.

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