We’re our own “collateral damage.”

“This is just a scene from hell here. All the vehicles on fire. There are bodies burning around me, there are bodies lying around, there are bits of bodies on the ground. This is a really bad own goal by the Americans.
“We don’t really know how many Americans are dead. There is ammunition exploding in fact from some of these cars. A very senior member of the Kurdish Republic’s government who also may have been injured.”

So goes the satellite report from BBC’s world affairs editor John Simpson, who was accompanying a convoy of US special forces and Kurdish fighters when it came under attack from an American warplane. Read here for the whole story.
You can hear and listen to the actual satellite report here.

2 thoughts on “We’re our own “collateral damage.”

  1. Can you believe the amount of “friendly fire”?
    Am I being too subtle when I list in my blog updates on the dead journalists, the wounded, and say “by friendly fire”?
    Didn’t we train those people, BEFORE they engaged in the occupation of their choosing?
    Well, I am also just trying to tell Christopher Allbrighton, et al., to get their asses out of Baghdad, this isn’t a journalism career betterment game anymore.
    Clearly, both sides are gunning down the journalists in cold blood.
    Scary, when you think about those rammifications.

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