Oppose Bush’s Opposition

President Dumbya, again, makes another really bad decision. He plans to refuse help from the U.N. in any post-war effort to rebuild Iraq. This from truemajority.com, where you can go to send a free fax opposing Bush’s plan:
Even if the war in Iraq ends today, we would need to address the depth of grief and misery that the people of Iraq confront – and will face indefinitely.
The supplemental budget bill delivered to Congress last week falls far short in resolving the likely humanitarian crisis caused by the war.
It’s essential that our nation stand behind its commitment to heal Iraq, to make certain that the Iraqi people receive the food, medicine, and support that they need. It’s time for us to begin inspiring the world community with our hearts, instead of alienating it with our guns.
That’s why America’s humanitarian and reconstruction work in Iraq must be conducted with the full cooperation of the international community. We should reaffirm our commitment to the United Nations by joining with it in the healing process in Iraq.
Unfortunately, the Bush Administration is poised to conduct its humanitarian efforts in Iraq with the same disastrous “go-it-alone” approach that it used in the war. Tell Congress to 1) ensure that our nation partners fully with the United Nations for all humanitarian work in Iraq, and 2) provide the humanitarian resources needed to inspire awe even among our enemies.

And, yes, I know that will mean my tax dollars going toward that effort. I don’t mind as long as Bush’s additional plan to give rich people a tax break is defeated. Fair is fair.

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