‘No body wants war but the fanatical and the ambitious.’

Burningbird says that she’s no longer identifying her blog as a peace blog.
Most of us who have opposed Bush’s destructive strategies to free Iraq recognize what the reality is now. Shelley offers an intelligent perspective in her post that deserves to be read as a whole.
And she links to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that indicates there’s some disagreement in the Bush administration about who should control Iraq during its transition to a democracy.
Maybe that’s where our advocacy should focus now. The war happened despite all of our objections. The important issue now is, “now what?”

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  1. Not saying Stop is not the same as saying Go

    In some ways I regret my Peaceblog no more writing, not because I don’t believe what I wrote — I do. And not because I feel like I’m selling out — I’m not. It seems to me this issue is on the minds of other people who marched and worked for peace. An…

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