2 thoughts on “No April Foolin

  1. Golden? Elaine, you are forever blessed… 🙂
    Yeah, too busy raving. It’s a soul-destroying problem. We’re all following desperate hopes of a miraculous peace snatched from the hell-hole Iraq has become we’re too busy to visit each other. Jennifer, Jeneane, Richard, RB, Shell, and the rest of the superhuman crew are all always close to mind whatever I’m up to. I guess it’s much like family. We begin to take each other for granted, in a good way, knowing each is battering away at their own chosen speed on matters close to all of us. In a way, it’s comforting knowing what the blogroll’s up to without having to check. But, yes, I do wish I would get out and about more often… Rant on, Mama, rant on…

  2. Poetry readings?!
    Oh my, a woman after my own heart. . .
    Where is your poetry? I can’t seem to find them here (while I wait for Rumi to arrive from amazon.com).
    Break ’em out, let me gobble, I’m hungry.

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