If I had to kill…

Every living thing wants to keep living.
I admit it. I would kill if it were the only way to defend myself or anyone else around me who was in danger of being killed by an attacker. And I would carry the awful memory of that kill for the rest of my life. I would lie in bed at night and see the dying face of the person I killed, imagine reaching out and asking for forgiveness for choosing to commit the most immoral of all acts. If I had to kill, doing so would diminish me irreversibly. And it should.
If I had to hunt and kill my food, I would keep the thought of that prey in my heart, offer silent words honoring its life and the life

2 thoughts on “If I had to kill…

  1. Elaine
    It has always seemed to me that when someone takes up a gun they have to look their diety in the eye and say, “I have made the decision that, under the right circumstances and no matter what you have said, I am going to kill.” That is a big commitment, often taken too lightly, I believe. Your words seem to clarify why it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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