The Truth Shall Make You Sick.

If you’re for this war, you’re probably not reading this weblog. But, just in case, please be sure to follow this link and read the whole story. It’s a true report. It’s the truth about how Americans fight a war that all those so-called pro-war patriots don’t want to believe.
Here’s a teaser:
Across the square, genuine civilians were running for their lives. Many, including some children, were gunned down in the crossfire.
‘The Iraqis are sick people and we are the chemotherapy,’ said Corporal Ryan Dupre.’ I am starting to hate this country. Wait till I get hold of a friggin’ Iraqi. No, I won’t get hold of one. I’ll just kill him.’
Amid the wreckage I counted 12 dead civilians, lying in the road or in nearby ditches. All had been trying to leave this southern town overnight, probably for fear of being killed by US helicopter attacks and heavy artillery. Their mistake had been to flee over a bridge that is crucial to the coalition’s supply lines and to run into a group of shell-shocked young American marines with orders to shoot anything that moved. One man’s body was still in flames. It gave out a hissing sound. Tucked away in his breast pocket, thick wads of banknotes were turning to ashes. His savings, perhaps.

Just imagine if all this were being done here, in America, to us. Yet, there are our “boys,” doing it, doing it to other innocents — becoming the evil that we so despise. War. What the hell did you think it would be like!

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  1. ‘I was shooting down a street when suddenly a woman came out and casually began to cross the street with a child no older than 10,’ said Gunnery Sergeant John Merriman, another Gulf war veteran. ‘At first I froze on seeing the civilian woman. She then crossed back again with the child and went behind a wall. Within less than a minute a guy with an RPG came out and fired at us from behind the same wall. This happened a second time so I thought, ‘Okay, I get it. Let her come out again’. She did and this time I took her out with my M-16.’ Others were less sanguine.
    The Hell is that everyone can become a combatant. The advent of guns means people young and old can be as strong as a trained military man. The civilians killed are horible details of war. Remember the reporter was trying to distinguish between “Genuine civilians” and “civilian” combatants.
    Something you don’t quote is that the people were caught in “crossfire” and their’s so much editoralizing in this article at the beginning it was almost a parody. But of course you didn’t quote the “brave” epithet towards an American soldier.
    I’d like to see all your photos and rants and ravings concerning the atrocities of Saddam, Taliban, Palestinian terrorists, Columbian terrorists, and etc. But of course that may screw up your entire premise that America=evil, everyone=peace and love…..
    By the way as the saying goes. “you can’t handle the truth.” In fact that entire line (though a bad movie) applies over and over to yourself and your ilk. Paraphase, every day you go to sleep not wanting to think about the shit that goes on that keeps your little world of “free-thinking.”
    I like how true this article is

  2. One other thing I saw on CNN last night. An Egyptian woman was proclaiming that she’d like to take herself and her kids to Iraq to die as martyrs. First, this is sick. Second think about it when you post/read the article about the women and children killed at the military checkpoint today.

  3. What I object to is our government coming off as though we are the good guys. While we are not as bad to our citizens as Saddam and his Republican Army are to theirs (although we are heading dangerously in that direction), our version of a Republic Army is just as bad as theirs when it comes to being the aggressors against another people. They kill innocent people. We kill innocent people. They lie. We lie. So, how exactly are we the good guys?

  4. And sometimes a person is as twisted as the strip bearing his i-net identity, and like the strip, the he always comes back to the same place…meaning there’s never any progress or growth or change, just the same old road, over and over again. And all without the slightest inkling that there are other roads to travel.

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