Why We Disdain ‘Support Our Troops’

A truly frightening article in the NY Times includes this:
They said Iraqi fighters had often mixed in with civilians from nearby villages, jumping out of houses and cars to shoot at them, and then often running away. The marines said they had little trouble dispatching their foes, most of whom they characterized as ill trained and cowardly.
“We had a great day,” Sergeant Schrumpf said. “We killed a lot of people.”

But more than once, Sergeant Schrumpf said, he faced a different choice: one Iraqi soldier standing among two or three civilians. He recalled one such incident, in which he and other men in his unit opened fire. He recalled watching one of the women standing near the Iraqi soldier go down.
“I’m sorry,” the sergeant said. “But the chick was in the way.”

Yes, b!X, I agree with you:
And I’m sorry, but this is the psychological retardation of military
training on display here, and it presents a pretty fair demonstration
of why I don’t participate in any “oppose the war but support our
troops” bullshit.

… even though I have relatives over there. I hope they, indeed, behave with more moral conscience, that they do not get killed or maimed; and I feel badly for all of them — that they have allowed themselves to be duped by this government and brainwashed by soul-less military minds.
Meanwhile, while Dumbya spoke to veterans at the White House yesterday, House Republicans were looking to cut veterans benefits by about 30-40 billion dollars. Well, why not, those wars are over; those vets should get over it. Right???????????????????? What happened to “support our troops?” Hypocrites!


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