Clinical psychologist offers Bush help. Take it, Dubya!

I thought the following was worth repeating. Got it from here:
Dear President Bush,
At this time of national crisis, I would like to offer my assistance to you.
As a practicing psychologist for more than thirty years, it has become clear to me that your mental health has been seriously neglected. In the interest of our nation, I would like to offer my services as a psychologist to you on a “pro bono” basis. It would, after all, be for the good of the country.
Of course, it would be presumptuous of me to attempt to diagnose your emotional difficulties without meeting you face to face. However, I believe that I have had sufficient opportunity to observe you to put forth a few hypotheses of “trouble” areas with which you seem to need assistance.
First, and of great concern, is evidence of delusional thinking – a symptom of psychosis. The delusion that seems most evident is that bombing a people into submission is a strong foundation for democracy, and for generating good will in a nation. There is also the delusion that Saddam Hussein poses an imminent threat to the USA. (Or was that just a lie, suggesting psychopathic deviance?)
Another symptom that many people have noted is disorganized and incoherent speech, which, unfortunately, can be another symptom of psychosis. Confused thinking is also a problem for you, as demonstrated by the idea that our reason for going to war is Iraq’s defiance of the UN, yet you are defying the UN by going to war. This suggests rather muddled cognitive functioning.
These symptoms suggest that I would feel that a referral to a psychiatrist for medication might be indicated. However, your history of multiple substance abuse should lead to caution in the use of certain psychotropic medications.
While there are some indicators of psychosis, there are also many signs of
Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which include arrogance and grandiosity, as well as a need for unlimited power. There is also a lack of empathy for others, and, in your case, no regard for them at all if they speak another language. You suffer from an excessive need for admiration and a sense of entitlement. Evidence for that includes your refusal to speak before the European Union unless you could be guaranteed a standing ovation. Your actions regarding attacking Iraq in spite of negative world reaction reveal your arrogance in a clear and obvious way.
Emotional immaturity has been in evidence as well. The tendency toward black and white thinking is one sign of emotional immaturity. Statements that divide the world into good and evil, and “you’re with us or against us” reflect thinking typical of a young child. Emotional growth and development is known to be stunted by substance abuse. Could that be what happened with you?
Problems with the truth are also in evidence, as in such statements as “I am a man of peace”, “I am a uniter (sic) not a divider” and “I’m hopeful that we can avoid a war.” None of these statements enjoy the support of your behavior. While a certain amount of lying is expected from politicians, yours seems to be well in excess of the norm.
Although I have a busy schedule, I am confident that my current patients, in the service of their country, would be willing to change their schedules to accommodate you.
I also need to warn you that I cannot guarantee relief from all the above symptoms, as personality disorders are notoriously difficult to treat. Therefore, in order to pursue your recovery, it might be wise to consider resigning from the stresses of your current position to devote your time to your psychological well being.
Diana DeVito
Clinical Psychologist

4 thoughts on “Clinical psychologist offers Bush help. Take it, Dubya!

  1. Thanks, Elaine. This is great! I can only hope somebody reads Ms. DeVito’s offer to EL Presidente. It could just knock the scales from his eyes. Still, he is making a very comfy living as an insane and power hungry man child. He has no motivation to seek a cure, does he?

  2. What a crock.
    Safe in your whited sepulchres, you’d rather allow a demon like Saddam to destroy and corrupt the lives of Iraqis and Kurds. You’re certainly NOT your brothers keepers.
    Nero, Hitler, Stalin… they applaud you.
    Physician, heal thyself.

  3. Cristale,
    It is interesting to note that in your exasperated attempt to sound intellectual you have in fact acheived your goal of introducing ideas that went “over our heads”
    They did so, because you make no sense.

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