5 thoughts on “’nuff said

  1. It’s chaotic out there, everywhere in the Bay Area. Try making it from downtown SF onto public transportation toward Berkeley and then finally (hours later) towards home without getting jostled, harrassed, and even lectured.
    And all from those people called protestors.

  2. mmm. I guess that’s the point of protesting, isn’t it — to be noticed, heard? I believe that the point of this post-start-of-war protest was to BE disruptive, to get in the way of business as usual — although certainly a far cry from the way our aggression is disrupting lives up in Mid East. If you think your life was disrupted by the protestors, just imagine if you were trying to live an ordinary life in Baghdad!

  3. Elaine, very good point. We’ve said that this is a slight inconvenience compared to what those troups are handling there. Our troups. What I scoff at are protestors who claim to be anti-war yet proceed with such violence and harm not towards our security officers but us fellow civilians.
    To each their own, I just want to make sure my efforts towards the hospital aren’t in vain. But wait, that is vain I suppose.

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