The Blog from Iraq

Welcome to Kevin Sites’s new weblog from Iraq. Sites is a CNN correspondent, but his weblog is his personal journal. Check out his recent photos.
On Monday, he posted his feelings about blogging:
It’s good to be in the blogosphere.
Xeni and John, I hope you two are incredibly proud of yourselves. Look at all of the people responding, because you put this blog out there. This experience has really made me rethink my rather orthodox views of reaching folks via mass media. Blogging is an incredible tool, with amazing potential. The feedback readers are posting motivates me to provide as much as I can for all of these folks hungry for first-hand info. Will probably have another full story today — plus, will try to send some photos from Halabja taken yesterday, horrible Internet connections permitting. You guys are my heroes.

First-hand bloginfo from Iraq. Wow!

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