A Blogsister Meetup

This is Blogsister Anita Roddick — socially responsible corporate entrepreneur/founder of The Body Shop, author of several books on those subjects; internationally known advocate for human rights, fair trade, the environment, peace, and any number of issues that specifically affect women; and current Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Russell Sage College in Troy — and me in my Blogsisters T-shirt.
I scooted over to the college to have a chance to meet her in person, since I do buy her products and have great respect for the business models she maintains and inspires.
Her current project is organzing a March 10 Virtual Anti-war March in London.
What a woman. If she were an American citizen, we should draft her to run for American President.

4 thoughts on “A Blogsister Meetup

  1. Killer Duo! Thanks for the pic. You must have enjoyed every minute of it.
    Well, maybe we can’t have her, but the Brits could be looking for a new PM after lapdog Tony follows the Yanks into Iraq.

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