The flag has been hijacked.

Standing up to your government means standing up for your country.

Not every American patriot thinks we should do to the people of Baghdad what bin Laden did to us.

The American flag has been hijacked.

These are just some of the statements that Bill Moyers made at the end of his PBS program tonight (NOW with Bill Moyers) as he explained why he was wearing an American flag pin

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  1. Iraq: We’ve destroyed all the weapons.
    Dubya: No you haven’t.
    Iraq: Yes.
    Dubya: Show us.
    Iraq: Show what? They’re destroyed.
    Dubya: We don’t believe you. Prove it.
    Iraq: How?
    Dubya: Show us.
    Iraq: How?
    Dubya: See, you’re just delaying and deceiving.
    CONCLUSION: US has no intention of ever agreeing weapons destroyed (if they are). Dubya and his rabid ideologues, Wolfowitz, et al, want only what they want…no matter how many may say otherwise. They are the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction on earth.

  2. They have no intention of bringing any form of democracy to the Middle East. All their allies there except for Israel are dead set against democracy in general and in Iraq in particular. THey have made that point quite clearly to Washington.
    A democratic Iraq would quickly become a balkanized Iraq as the Kurds declared independence and quickly followed by the Shi’ite muslims. Currently the Kurds and Shi’ite populations in Iraq can not vote in Iraqi elections. In other words it would go back to its ancient roots. A balkanized Iraq would bring chaos to the middle east. Neither the Turks nor the Iranians want the Kurds to set up their own country as both have rebelious native Kurd populations of their own on their borders with Iraq.
    The house of Saud only rules Saudi Arabia because they were installed there by the British (see the history of T.E. Lawrence) after the arab uprising post WWI. THey rule with an iron fist and know they would lose power instantly should democracy ever rear its head in Saudi Arabia.
    From the US side a balkanized Iraq would be a disaster. It would make it harder to assert control over the various oil fields. Additionally Iran, while it would be concerned re: its Kurdish problems, would be very tempted to invade a weakened or dissolved Iraq in order to gain control of the water resources. It is water, not oil, that Iran and Iraq fought over in hte ’80s. Iran used to be the breadbasket of the middle east as it has the most water resources of any country there.

  3. Another contender

    This is the newest possiblity for the Corima Puma paint scheme. I’d just have to be careful around the University of Chicago. I read, via Professor Drezner and others, that some of the faculty disapproves of this kind of blatant…

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