Join the VIRTUAL Anti-War March on February 26

OK. So, it’s been too cold to go out and march in the real world. Here’s your chance to use this technology to join your voice to all of the cold, weary, and brave protesters who actualy took to the streets. Bush says he’s ignoring those protests. Let’s try another tactic. is hosting an online action center to help organize a Virtual March on Washington on February 26th, sponsored by The Win Without War Coalition. You can register here to join the virtual march.
They are also launching a massive, coordinated, grassroots PR campaign, placing signs in windows, bumper stickers on cars, billboards along the streets, and ads and letters in the newspaper.
Download a poster to put in your own window.
At least register as a virtual marcher.

4 thoughts on “Join the VIRTUAL Anti-War March on February 26

  1. I just registered for the 2/26 virtual march thanks to you, Elaine. My senators will be getting faxes from me on that date. I also e-mailed an invitation to participate to some friends. Here’s to hoping we can make a difference!

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